As the Film and Television portrayal of women in public relations undermined the industrys image?

Always remember that you are submitting the dissertation for an MA in Public Communication and Public Relations. It is the Public Relations/Public Communication aspect you are looking at which really interest us.

You need to ensure that your chosen topic is do-able, and can be feasible for 15,000 words.

Your dissertation will be assessed on the following criteria

1. That its substantive content is an original contribution to knowledge
2.That it engages with the approriate body of existing knowledge in the chosen field.
3. That it displays evidence of original reserch using primary sources
4.That it uses evidence to support coherent argument.
5.That it is 15,000 words long.

We want evidence of your own research and, above all, your own ideas and conclusions, be critical.

Dissertation proposal:

1.State your topic/Give brief background
2.Outline what has been written about in a range of books/online articles ect..(state,analyse,pass judgement)
3.Suggest a hypothesis
4.State your research questions
5.Give details of intented primary and secondary research sources
6.Give a chapter plan
7.Give key references and alphabetical bibliography

Dear Writer: i am not sure of if the formulation of my topic is correct and is feasible into 15,000 words. If not, is there any other way of formulating the thesis in the same topic in order to make a dissertation that is worthwhile and with which i can find enough info for 15,000 words. Please help me out.

Thank you very much