As the increased influence of minor parties and independents enhanced democracy in Australia?

The sources must comprise of : (all must be relevant to support the argument)
a? A book
a? An academic journal article
a? A newspaper article
a? A website from a public or private institution that is involved in the topic area

a? The reference must be in the Australian context or news.

There has to be 5 a 6 major claims.

4 of bibliography has to be used and annotated which outlines what the authoras claims are, and how it is relevant to the claims.
The essay will be assessed against the following criteria:

1. A clear and logical structure to the introduction which includes a specific research question, a rationale for the study, an overview of the steps through which the essay will unfold and a statement of the central argument.

2. An argument that relates directly to the research question and unfolds consistently over the course of the essay a i.e. it is well structured.

3. A minimum of eight academic and appropriately referenced sources that are used to support your key claims.

4. A conclusion that adequately sums up the argument

This is a persuasive essay, through the use of evidence and logic. We are not assessing in terms of whether we agree with your views or your conclusions, but in terms of how effectively you have argued those views.