As the internet affected the social skills of america.

This assignment requires library research (in a research library) and must focus on a specific information science topic. Your paper must include at least 7 different sources, 5 content pages, in addition to a cover page (based on APA format), consistent formatting (page numbering, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point fonts, etc.), in-text citations, and a formal APA-style Bibliography. Your sources will include:

* 2 specific Information Science scholarly journal articles
* 1 newspaper article
* 1 professional or academic web site (no more than one web site and it must be professional or academic and relevant to your topic)
* 1 government document
* 1 trade or 1 popular magazine.
* 1 chapter from a book (edited volume or single author; The Future of Ideas does not count toward this requirement).

Topic areas include (but are not limited to): web usability, human computer interaction, accessibility, adaptive technology, copyright, intellectual property, Internet security, information architecture, information literacy, digital libraries, digital archives, digital divide, social informatics, electronic books, online publishing, or distance education.

Avoid generic research paper topics (such as The history of the Internet”), or exclusively Technicaltopics (such as Adobe Photoshopor Networking”), or topics that do not relate in any way to the field of Information Science. Your topic must involve a particular Information Science issue or set of issues related to this field.

Your sources may be in print or online.Wikipedia is not a reliable source of scholarly information and is not to be used as a source for your paper. NO GENERIC WEBSITES… REUPUTABLLE SOURCES


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