As the internet shifted power to consumers? Discuss.

This essay is for an E-Business/E-Commerce module I do at University.

This assignment should not be written like a typical essay. Instead of writing this like an essay, please can you write this paper more like exam notes for use in helping my revision.

Therefore this paper SHOULD NOT have an introduction or conclusion. I just need bullet pointed notes and further information about each of these points to revise from.

Rather than writing this paper like an essay (where even just one point may be elaborated in extensive depth over many paragraphs with citations etc), can you please clearly list at least 5 or so key points arguing whether or not you think the internet has helped shift power to consumers or not, and explain why. Some of these points can agree that it has shifted power tot he consumers and some of your other points can argue the contrary argument about why it might not.

When you list each of these points, please may you expand on each point and give further background detail and in-depth information to justify and explain each point. The information you give under each point will be crucial and should be very in-depth. This will help me gain a thorough understanding of the issues/points you have written about, for my exam.

Since this assignment is just to prepare exam notes for myself, it does not need to include references for the sake of it. Please only use specific references if a point you are trying to make can only be explained with the aid of a citation.

Many thanks