As the Recession Changed the way UK banks measure performance

please attach the file. its my proposal.

however, u can take up to 2 weeks to finish it but no more than that if u want extra let me know before that please.

the most important thing is that evry two or three days i want to see what you wrote so i can be updated and if i need to change something.

also i want to consider for banks not companies in the dissertation. what i mean is to take different banks as a case study and make a compare between them. so u have to take the DATA FROM THE BANK.

Dissertation Title: Has the Recession Changed the way UK companies measure performance.

one more thing is dont rely on the web site to much i prefer if u rely on books or journey.

So based on this question (which is the dissertation title) here are some questions you should try to answer whilst doing the research:
1) What is a recession
2) What happened in 2008 to cause the recession
3) What were the affects of the recession
4) Which industries were affected by it the most
5) What is the definition of performance measurement
6) What are the different methods of measuring performance
7) What are the view of the writers on how effective those methods are
8) Have there been any articles on performance measurement and the recession? What are the views expressed in there
remember that the main aim of the work is to try to show that the recession has indeed changed the way performance is measured in industries, and therefore maybe there should be a revision in the way performance is measured to come up with a model that caters for both times. So, keep that in mind when doing the research
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