As the Washington Consensus helped or hindered Third World development?

1. All references need to be available. (I should be able to get e-sources if it is e-journals or books should be found)you could use JSTOR/ ProQuest/
2. Please do use references I upload as well.
3. As it is a sociology course, both economic aspects and social aspects need to be included.
4. This is instructions for the essay: (My argument is the Washington Consensus has hindered Third World development)
1) Define what the Washington Consensus is. (My idea was to mention foreign debt crisis and it would affect the developed countries in turn as well so the US and IMF came out with a plan for the recovery for the developing countries which is the Washington Consensus. If you think this idea is wrong, you can define the Washington Consensus in another way. )
2) Define what the development is (using HDI-Human Development Index)
3) mention alternative arguments at the beginning of the essay after the introduction.
4) Use Sierra Leon and Venezuela, and Argentina as examples of the case-studies.
(and also you could add another example if these three are not enough: examples where neo-liberal reforms hindered Third World development)

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