As the way Louis Riel is viewed as a leader changed since his time?

Louis riel: Firebrand by sharon stewart
A fiery activist, he struggled against injustice as he saw it. He was a pioneer in the feild of aborininal rights and land claimsbut was branded as an outlaw in his own time. In 1885, he was executed for treason. In 1992, the House of Commons declared Riel a founder of Manitoba. november 16 os now designated Louis Riel Day in canada.
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Google Transcripts of the Trial of Louuis Riel Regina Saskatchewan 1885

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the year 2010 was declared the Year of the Metis by the Government of Saskatchewan. see Government of Saskatchewan website Hansard search

In 1870 Riel ordered the execution of Thomas Scott at the Red River settlement. Riel was exhiled to the states then returned to Quebec where he spent 2 years in an insane asylum. He had visions and believed God spoke to him. At Riels trial for treason his defence council claimed he was not guilty by reason of insanity. Today his sanity does not seem to be at issue. He is today viewed as a human rights activist not a traitor.