As Western popular culture become thoroughly Americanized?

Here is the full question.
Has Western popular culture become throughly Americanized? Evaluate arguments in the secondary literature on popular culture for and against the Americannessof contemporary popular culture, and devise criteria that might reasonably be used to arrive at an empirical judgement on this issue. Choose 4 appropriate and important works from different genres, (literature, film, t.V, and music) that were created and produced outside the U.S.A and identify the elements in those works that are the most American, the most non-American, and the most universal in character. On the basis of these case studies, build an argument that Western popular culture outside the U.S.A is one of the following: (a) primarily American in nature, (b) primarily British, European, or multi-cultural in nature, or (c) universal in nature.
Footnotes and Bibliography are to be included.
Textbooks used in the course are
Cult Fiction: Popular Reading and Pulp Theory, Clive Bloom
Television Culture, John Fiske
Popular Music and Society, Brian Longhurst.
For this assignment, I also need to use secondary sources apart from the course materials.
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