As Wikipedia influenced the way we gather information?

When asked in the beginning of this course what defines our modern human experience, the resounding majority of our class agreed that it is technology that characterizes our current time. From the way we socialize and entertain ourselves, to the way we learn, technology seems to permeate every aspect of 21st century society. However, after reviewing selected essays from our textbook, we have also discovered that despite technologyas dominance in our world, there are still issues that have influenced human life since time immemorial, and these issues now play a part even in our technology, those being: language, culture, communication, and learning.
Taking this into consideration, for your final research project discuss how one of aforementioned topics plays a role in the technology we use every day. To assist you in developing a topic, use one or two of the texts we have covered from 50 Great Essays as a foundation for your discussion. Furthermore, research at least three (3) secondary resources to support your essay topic. Listed below are possible essay topics you may want to use. However, feel free to develop your own if you wish.

Annotated Bibliography and Presentation:
Additionally, for your final research project you will be required to present an annotated bibliography of the resources you will use to support your essay. Furthermore, you will also be required to do an in-class five (5) minute presentation of the topic you are going to cover for your research assignment. We will discuss your research project, annotated bibliography, and your presentation during our next class meetings.