Ase: Harley Davidson and Adjusting to the Costs of Free Trade

I want from you to answer these question from this case in the attachment

1.From your reading of the case, what were Harley Davidson s strongest arguments for relief? What were the weakest? Would you have granted Harley-Davidson relief? Why or why not?

2.Why do you think Harley Davidson was able to secure relief under Section 201 when other manufacturers, such as Ford, had not?

3.Who was looking out for the interest of the consumer? Did the outcome benefit consumers?

4.Reflecting on the decision to include Honda and Kawasaki s American subsidiaries as part of the industry, do you think a broad definition of  domestic industry is consistent with the philosophy of the escape clause? Did it hurt or help Harley Davidson? What makes something an  American product?

5.Does the Harley-Davidson case provide a justification for the escape clause?

please answer each question as a paragraph dont do them like an essay

No need for sources