Ase Study( 1) for Paediatrics for Critical Care Paramedics

Case Study (1) for Paediatrics for Critical Care Paramedics:
Question :
You are working as a critical care/intensive care paramedic on the outskirts of a large city. You are presented with the following patient.

1. Outline in point form your interventions, including all calculations, drugs and equipment used. (WORTH 18 MARKS).

2. State your destination choice you are 5 minutes from a local hospital OR you are 1 hour from a tertiary, trauma paediatric centre. (WORTH 2 MARKS).

You are called to a 4 year old child who was trapped in a house fire. Firefighters state she was inside for at least 15 minutes, and the room was full of thick, acrid smoke, with significant potential for poisonous gas also.

On arrival, she is receiving oxygen via non-rebreather at 12L/minute.

On examination: Airway slight expiratory wheeze on auscultation. Speaking short sentences. Breathing slight use of some accessory muscles noted. Oxygen saturation levels 98% on supplemental oxygen. Circulation tachycardic, strong radial pulse. BP within normal limits. Disability GCS normal for age. Exposurenil obvious burns or injury. Black soot noted on face. Dark coloured sputum noted.

Please note that you answer this question using the paramedics guildeline and assessments. ( Please write only 250 words to answer this case study) no need references .