Ase Study: Aerospace Components Ltd (ACL)

Assessment Brief

Read the attached case study a?Aerospace Components Ltd (ACL)a and address the tasks outlined.
Indicative word limit: 3,000 words.

Submission Deadline and Feedback:
By no later than 12 noon on Friday, 13th January 2012 via X-stream. You are strongly advised to keep a disc copy. Over the counter paper submissions will not be permitted

The assignment will be assessed in the first instance through a?Turnitina to ensure compliance with appropriate referencing and copyright conventions

The assignment will be assessed on the following criteria:

Knowledge & Understanding (Task 1)
Explanation of the relevant SHRM concepts and understanding of broader contextual factors impacting SHRM practices and policies LO1
Argument Analysis, Synthesis & Evaluation (Task 2)
Analysis and evaluation of the SHRM concepts, within the case study context examining the roles and objectives of the parties to it and the implications of processes and procedures for the effective utilisation of SHRM LO2
Awareness of Employeras Needs (Task 3)
Evaluation of the HR practices necessary to bring about successful implementation of SHRM policy LO3
Continuing personal development (Task 4)
Self-reflective statement based upon formative tutor feedback of assessment proposal
Academic skills and competences (Task 5)
Style and presentation of report

Marks and feedback are normally released via X-stream. We aim to do this as soon as we can after submission, but the process can be protracted and take up to several weeks. The following dates are a guide:

a? 13th January 2012: Submission of assessment
a? 3rd February 2012: Generic feedback will be available via X-stream
a? 10th February 2012: Provisional marks will be released via X-stream
a? W/c 27th February 2012: Publication of semester one results; module leader available to be contacted by students who have failed the assignment
a? W/c 5th March 2012: Other students may contact the module team for further feedback

Module Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

LO1 Understand the SHRM environment at national and international levels
LO2 Critically analyse the nature of SHRM and its link with business strategy
LO3 Examine the influence of culture, quality and change management on SHRM
LO4 Evaluate the implementation of SHRM strategies through the management and deployment of matters pertaining to human resources, pay and performance, employee development and employment relations
LO5 Understand the process of managing the relationship between employer and employee