Ase Study: An East European Joint venture a?


This is a Group Assignment based on the case below: An East European Joint venture a? (source: G. Hollinshead (2010) International and Comparative Human Resource Management, McGraw Hill, Maidenhead) and to be based on information within the case, the academic concepts taught during the Module and additional reading around the subject.

Assignment Brief:
The Assignment requires you to answer the following question:

a?Reflecting on the legal, political and international industrial relations context, critically analyse the approach taken by the Eden Group to the joint venturea?.

a? You are expected to apply:
– A critical stance where appropriate
– Sustain a focus on the causes of the problems
– A cross cultural and international HRM stance.

a? Your answer should give consideration to the Companyas multinational context, cross national employee relations, European industrial relations infrastructure and the different ideologies and perspectives from which the approaches were taken.
a? The Assignment length should not exceed 2000 words for each group member and be word-processed.

a? The Group Assignment will be the cumulative total of each group memberas contribution, typically being 5, resulting in an integrative whole of (for example) 10,000 words.

a? Please note that this is a group assignment and I only require for you to do the highlighted in red which is the European industrial relations infrastructure, based on the case study which also needs to be compared to other companies within the same industry.

It is expected that you will be consulting the following sources:

1. The Case Study
2. Main text books
3. Current academic articles
4. Practical examples of organisations
5. Practical examples of HR practices
6. Critical text

Case Study: An East European Joint Venture

The Eden Beverage Group rapidly explains in Europe and enters Serbia
The case of Eden Weisser Brewery, Pancevo
Press release to the public, August 2003
a?Eden Breweries has acquired the majority shares of the Pancevo Brewery (a?Pancevoa) in Serbia, located on the outskirts of Belgrade.a
Therefore, Eden has added Serbia to its portfolio of European markets currently comprising of Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. The total number of markets that EBI operates, thus, has increased to six, including Kazakhstan, one of the major markets in Central Asia.
The Serbian beer market, where the competition consists of local breweries, has an estimated total consumption exceeding 470 million litres and per capita consumption of around 58 litres as of 2002. Pancevo operates with three brands: a?Weissera, a?Karlbrewa and a?Starivoa. Pancevo planned a capital investment programme of approximately US$10 million until 2005 to increase the capacity from the first international brewer to invest in Serbia. The fresh capital injected in Pancevo, amounting to US$6.5 million, was to be used to improve the product quality and the technical infrastructure of the brewery.
Mt Mahmed Kari, President and CEO of the Eden Beverage Group, has said: a?We will