Ase study: An Epidemic of Food Poisoning

The type of work is not really and essay because what youll need to do is answer like 5 questions but it is do in an essay form. In order to do the Case Study youll need to log in into . (login name: freyad) (password:freya2008). Once log in youll need to click on the left part in the course id:443183MCB2010 and click on CHAPTER CONTENTS and click on CHAPTER 27. There you would find the case study at the bottom. click on it and it is very important that you download the information because youll need it in order to answer the questions. The professor emphasize that we should know the ethological agent, food contaminated, explain how we arrive to the conclusion and WRITE RESOURCES USE. Please do not plegarize because this paper is very important, im not doing too well in class and it is worth 75 points, therefore i need it in order to pass the class.