Ase Study Apartheid Education : the South African Example

The aim of the Case Study is to enable you to explore an example of an educational system in a global context in this case South Africa.

I expect you to demonstrate an understanding of the educational social divisions and Inequalities as experienced in South Africa.

Remember to keep this case study very direct and focussed on the subject that is being dealt with.

* Criterion for marking case study:

Content such as the discussion of relevant theoretical perspectives; and references to relevant empirical studies.

The structure of the argument in terms of progression from an introduction to a conclusion which follows from the argument or evidence discussed in the project/essay

Relevance of the content of the essay/project to the question.

Application of the rules of grammar in sentence construction.



Ability to confine the essay to the specified word limitation.

Referencing of the materials consulted the preparation of the essay and the quotation of all direct transcriptions from such materials.

Provisions of a bibliography at the end of the essay/project.

You will be expected to reflect on your own experiences and articulate them in your writing.
You MUST ONLY use academic books and journals for this case study.

I would like you to use a t least 2 or 3 sources from the list below:

P. Kallaway (1990) Apartheid and Education Sigma Press
W.E. Morrow Aims of education in South Africa. International Review of Education 1990 vol 36.

de Vries, South African Black Teachers and the Academic Paper chase. British Journal of Sociology of Education. vol. 10 No. 4 1989

OCallaghan, M : (1977) Namibia: The effects of apartheid on culture and education Paris Unesco

Harber, C (2001) State of Transition Post apartheid. Educational Reform in South Africa Pub Symposium books.

Nkomo, M (ed) (1990) Pedagogy of Domination. Toward Democratic Education in South Africa. Pub African World Press Inc.

(eds) Kallaway, P Kruss, G, Donn, G and Fataar, A (1997) Education after Apartheid. South African Education in Transition. Cape Town UCT Press.