Ase Study: Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas

Include what therapeutic approach you would apply in this case and explain why.
Describe what ethical issues you may encounter and how you intend on approaching them.

The Case of Leon.
Leon, a 45-year-old aeronautical engineer who is married and has
three children, has been laid off after 20 years of employment with the
same company. He shows signs of depression, has lost weight, and was
referred to you by his primary care physician. He has had no previous
history of depression, but his father committed suicide at age 50. Leon is
not close to his mother or siblings and describes his marriage as lackluster
at best. He expresses, without much affect, feelings of abandonment at being terminated after so many years of dedicated service.

Commentary. Leon shows signs of having serious emotional problems
that he is not fully expressing. Some indicators are his lackluster
marriage, depression, the suicide of his father, and his lack
of affect. In Leonas case, assessment is crucial to the process of
identifying goals for therapy. One of our immediate goals would
be to assess for possible suicidal ideation, especially because of his
fatheras suicide. We suspect that Leonas low affect is an indicator of
much unexpressed emotional pain, which we would want to pursue
with him. Another goal is to discover what Leon wants from
therapy. Our theoretical orientation will guide how we conceptualize
Leonas case and the interventions we make with him.