Ase study assignment (Coca Cola or Burberry)

1. Essay Title
i?? Does the essay have the full and correct essay title?
2. Introduction
i?? Is there a significant introduction (7-8% of total essay length) that identifies the topic, purpose and structure of the essay?
i?? Are key words or concepts identified in the introduction?
3. Main Body
i?? Is there plenty of evidence of your having done the required reading?
i?? Have you put each main point in a separate paragraph?
i?? Are the paragraphs arranged in a logical order and do they link naturally with the preceding and following paragraphs?
i?? Is each main point/argument supported by evidence, argument or examples?
i?? Does it develop a clearly reasoned line of argument?
4. Conclusion
i?? Is the conclusion directly related to the question?
i?? Is it based on evidence and facts?
i?? Have you ensured that no new ideas are introduced at this point?
i?? Does it summarise the main points?
i?? Is it substantial (12-15% of the essay length) and convincing?
5. References
i?? Are the ideas of others clearly referenced and have you referenced all of your sources?
i?? Are all of the references accurate?
i?? Are all of the references in the essay shown in the bibliography and
vice versa?
i?? Have you used quotation marks and provided page numbers to identify any text that you have taken directly from a source?
6. Layout and Presentation
i?? Is it neat and legibly presented in a standard 12pt typeface and double-spaced?
i?? Is the essay the right length, in accordance with the word limit set by the tutor?
i?? Have you used spell check and grammar check to identify and rectify any spelling and grammatical errors?
7. General observations
i?? Does the essay answer main question and any sub questions that have been asked?
i?? Is everything in the essay relevant to the question?
i?? Does the essay use a broad range of appropriate academic texts (i.e. required and additional reading, textbooks and journals)?
i?? Is the tone of the essay correct (i.e. rational, authoritative, reader-friendly, fluent)?
i?? Is the essay written in the third person (no a?Ia or a?Wea)?

Referencing Requirements:
Baines, P., Fill, C., and Page, K (2011) Marketing, Third Edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press