Ase Study Assignment Human Resource administration


Mary Jane applied for a position as Field Sales Manager at Consumer Rite, a multinational company with 100,000 employees in 40 countries. In this position Mary Jane will manage a team of 10 Sales Representatives. She has successfully completed two interviews and is scheduled to meet with the Vice-President of Sales for the final interview. It is expected that she will be offered the job, barring any serious problems in the final interview. As the HR Manager, you interviewed Mary Jane in the first round of interviews and were impressed by her education, background and professionalism in the interviews and over the phone.

One day before the interview with the Vice-President, you receive a call from a colleague who also interviewed Mary Jane. He said he saw a posting on Facebook by Mary Jane that is concerning and asked you to take a look yourself. When you logged on, you were quite surprised that Mary Jane had posted some pictures and a description of the wild and drunken time she had at a party that she attended over the weekend. It was clear from her description and pictures that she was intoxicated.

You understand from your HR colleagues in the U.S. that some employers are reviewing Facebook profiles of job candidates, and using the information to decide whether or not to extend that person an offer.

Review the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act: /ca/images/Resources/up-facebook_ipc.pdf


Given this scenario:

1. Should this info be permitted in making the hiring decision? Explain your answer.

2. What is your recommended action regarding Mary Janes candidacy for the Field Sales Manager position, in light of this new information?

3. What is the candidateas legal right to privacy with social media such as Facebook?

Submit response of no more than 500 words, as a Word file.