Ase Study Australiaas Airline Industry

Australiaas domestic and international airline industry has changed considerably with the introduction of other carriers, new routes, new standards and legislation for the airline industry.
You are a senior manager employed by one of the following airlines
a) Jetstar or b) Virgin Blue
Due to your skills and knowledge in strategic management you have been chosen to develop a strategic analysis report investigating the following:

A strategic analysis report relating to Jetstar Airlines or Virgin Blue including:
1. A competitive analysis of the market/s including:
a. A brief description of the history of the company and a history of the main competitors. Include joint venture alliances where applicable.
b. Determine the market size, passenger routes (route diagram required), hubs, number of planes, passenger numbers (if known) of the company chosen and each competitor
2. A summary of the current Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environmental issues facing the company chosen
3. SWOT analysis
Internal Strengths + Weaknesses and
External Opportunities and Threats (shown in a 4 quadrant diagram)
4. Compare the financial data supplied (refer to Learner Handout (Assessment Task 1) and summarise

PART B a Based on information researched in 1-4 PART A develop the following:
5. Write a new Mission Statement a to reflect the future direction
6. Create a new values statement to reflect the future direction
7. Develop 3 Strategic Objectives for the next 3-5 years
8. Develop 2 Key Strategies for the next 3-5 years
Part A & B must be written using appropriate business language and grammar, using appropriate styles and graphics (where necessary). Formatted and presented in accordance with contemporary workplace standards a no word length