Ase Study BMW: Newness and the Product Life Cycle”

Using the Case Study Guidelines prepare a 600 to 800 word paper with the following sections:

I. Statement of the Problem 100 words
II. Summary of the Facts 100 words
III. Analysis 200 words
IV. Recommendations 250 words
V. Conclusion 50 words

In this case, you might wish to consider and address the following questions. (45 points)

Compare the product life cycle described by BMW for its cars to the product life cycle shown in Fig. 11-1. How are they similar or dissimilar?

Based on BMWs typical product life cycle, what marketing strategies are appropriate for the 3 series?

How would you describe BMWs branding strategy?

Must use at least two source references with one being our text book:Marketing,8th Edition. by Kerin, Roger A., Berkowitz, Eric, N., Hartley, Steven W., and William Rudelius. 2005 McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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