Ase-Study: Bundle of Compromises ( negotiation & conflic resolution )

Attached the Case-Study: Bundle of Compromises. I am attached it as both a pdf as well as a word doc. Appendixes-4 is tough to read on the PDF so I am attaching it for you.

Answer the five questions for the Case-Study Write-Up based on the information provided. (I am attaching the case study write-up also. I made a few changes to make it easier). If you are confused here are some notes to help you out. Follow each step by step. I want to see your paper outlined in this order.

1. Case Summary

a. Tell me the facts of the case.

b. What is the conflict about?

c. What are the issues that need to be resolved in this case?

2. Party Analysis

a. Tell me who the parties (people in conflict) are in the case.

b. What are their interests (goals) in this conflict? What do they want to see change?

3. Analysis of Alternative Solutions

a. Help the parties figure out another solution by coming up with 2 or 3 of your own.

b. Select one of your solutions and tell me its disadvantages (cons) and advantages (pros)

c. Tell me how your solution is compares to the one the parties came up with. Is your solution better, worse?

4. Analysis of Alternative Solutions

a. Using your above solution, how will the parties view your solution? Will they like it? Will they dislike it?

b. If you had the power, how would you implement your solution?

c. If the parties used your solution, how would they know it was successful.

5. Case to Class Connection

a. Using the course reading:

concept applies in the case.