Ase Study: Domestic Terrorism in American Context

From your perspective discuss the following question in an essay:

Assume that a nascent anarchist movement continues in its opposition to globalism, How should the modern leftist movement be described? What is the potential for violene originating from moden extremists on the left?

Keeping in mind the many conspiracy and mystical beliefs of the American right, what is the potential for violence from adherents of these theories to the modern American environment?

As a matter of policy, how closely should hate and antigovernment groups be moniterd? What restictions should be imposed on their activities? Why?

Is the American activity profile truly an idiosyncratic profile, or can it be compared with other nations environments? If so, how? If not why not?

What is the likelihood that the new millennium will witness a resurgence of a rightist movement on the scale of the 1990s Patriot movement? What trends indicate that it will occur? What trends indicate that it will not occur?

This essay should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level making sure to properly cite sources according to APA style guidelines and format, which should include and abstract page with key words.

Any resources including but limited to journals, magazines and or/book must be properly cited using the APA style.

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Case Study: Domestic Terrorism I the America Context:

The subject of domestic terrorism in the United States is arguably a study in idiosyncratic political viloence. Indigenous terrorist groups operated in the American political and social enviroments during historical periods when extremists chose to engage in political violence.

In the modern era, left wing and right wing polictical violence grew from very different circumstances. Leftist violence evovles from a unquely American social enviroment that produced the civil rights, Black Power, and New left movement. Rightis violence grew out of a combination of historical racial and nativist animosity, combined with modern applications of religious and antigovernment ideologies.

In early years of the new millennuium, threats continued to emanate form the right wing antigovernment and racial supermacist extremists. Potential violence from leftist extremists remained low in comparison with the right. When the Septembe 11, 2001, attacks created a new security enviroment, the question for terrorism originating from domestic sources remained uncertain; this was especially true after the anthrax attacks o the American East Coast.