Ase Study -Ethics and Professional Practice

Assessment task 2:
There is a case study due at the END OF WEEK FOUR. Please Refer to Subject CD for information on the case study. The case study needs to be submitted on time as it will be used by other students within this assessment item. If the case study is not submitted on time a five mark penalty will apply to assignment 2.

For each of the Questions, you must reference the source of your information from Week 4, or to some other source identified with the assistance of the Subject Coordinator. You may also find your PPP123 materials and notes helpful, though these must also be referenced when used.
Any material which is not your own must be referenced.
You must include the case study/ies you use in this assignment when you submit the assignment or a five mark penalty will apply.

1. (a)
Using your own case study from Week 4, identify and explain the ethical considerations that should inform your decision making about the ethical issue/s in your case study.

(b) In a sentence or two (at most), explain where on the NSW Police Force intranet you can find information relevant to the issue/s you are discussing.

2. (a)
Choose a case study from those posted by your Syndicate colleagues. You should choose a case study which refers to issues, or involve situations, different to the ones raised in your own case study.

For the case study: identify and explain the ethical considerations that should inform a police officeras decision making about the ethical issue/s raised.

(b) In a sentence or two (at most), explain where on the NSW Police Force intranet you can find information relevant to the issue/s raised by the case study.

3.What can police be reasonably expected to foresee is not just a matter of what they do know; it is also a matter of what they should know. This follows from the fact that certain occupations or professions demand particular levels of skill or knowledge that qualify them to perform those roles.(Corbo Crehan and McMahon, 2006; 3) How does this impact on your duty of care when you are the senior person on the truck?

4.Discuss the ways in which the issues raised in the three questions above will impact on your professional practice.

You may use one or more of the following to guide your response:

What might you now do differently because of what you have learned from these case studies?
Has your knowledge about how to deal with particular policing jobs been improved? If so, how?
Are you now aware of ethical considerations that you had not thought of previously?
Do some considerations now seem to you to be more important than you previously thought them to be?
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
o define an ethical consideration in a policing context;
o apply legislation and police policy to the ethical role of a police officer;
o identify where on the police Intranet various police policies relating to ethical considerations can be found;
o evaluate the roles and responsibilities their forthcoming leadership status will entail in terms of their ethical values and professional standards and behaviour

My Case Study for Question 1(A)
Recently I attended an incident where it was alleged that the father of a 13 year old boy, physically assaulted his son. The YP had been suspended from school for a period of 10 days, for possessing a DVD containing porn. He also had a pocket knife in his school bag.
On returning home from school the YPas father asked a?How was schoola? to which the YP has replied a?Yeah gooda?. Itas alleged that the father has started yelling at the YP and grabbed him and pushed him a number of times as he was already aware of the incident and suspension.
The YP resides with his father in another town 3 hours away from Tamworth. The childas mother lives in Tamworth. After the incident contact has been made with the childas mother who in turn has collected junior from his father.
Some five days after the initial incident the mother and child have reported to Tamworth police station, on the advice of her solicitor to report the alleged assault to police. As with all investigations the necessary paperwork, event, statements and photoas, avos, and job creation to speak with the father were completed.
The ethical issues that are raised in this issue are many and varied. Is the report simply made by the child because he was in trouble and wanted to avoid further punishment. Is the alleged reported assault being pushed by the mother for her own personal gains in further family law court proceedings. Are police being used for personal reasons and is the father lawfully able to chastise his child within reason?
As I parent I do not agree with physical abuse of children however, it a?s extremely hard not to hope that police are not being used as a means to assist the mother in getting custody of the child, whether the child is not happy with the fact his father has taken his mobile phone and also banned him from going on the family holiday as a consequence of his bad behaviour and being suspended from school.
Whether or not lawful chastisement has taken place as at this stage police only have the incident from one party involved who also is a young person.

Other Case Study for question 2 (A)

An ethical dilemma I faced recently was removing four children from their home.

My partner and I were called to a domestic between the mother of the children and the grandmother. When we arrived the mother had left the home, leaving the grandmother and the four children. When I entered the home, the house was in complete disarray. There was food scattered around the home and rotting, piles of clothes and junk on the ground. The children were clothed and fed. However, the eldest child (10 years) informed us that his Mum beats them with a coat hanger regularly. He also told us that he looks after his one year old brother and is the only one that changes him before and after school. I looked in the fridge and there was hardly any food. The baby did not have any formula. The grandmother cannot look after them as she suffers from kidney failure and is on dialysis.

As I continued to look around the home, I got more disturbed with the living conditions. My Sergeant arrived a short time later and we all discussed involving DOCS. We felt it was not acceptable to leave the children in that state. I contacted DOCS and told them off the situation. We asked the grandmother and children to come to the station with us. DOCS arrived and removed the children. Due to there being four children, they needed to be separated. I felt uneasy with this as I felt it would be best to keep them together. The grandmother collapsed when we informed her and was crying hysterically. When I spoke with the mother and informed her that her children had been removed she said, a?Can you call me back? Iam just going through Maccaas drive through.a?

The decision was hard to make and I still do not know if removing the children was in the best interests of the children, as they are now separated from each other.