Ase Study: Fedex strategy content between 1973 and 2000

Dear Writer,

I would like you to write one part of about 700 words of a report of 3000 words with the following remit (your parts are bold):

You are to write a report answering the case analysis questions given below. The key elements of the report are an executive summary, table of contents, numbered paragraphs, indentation of sub-headings and text, and conclusion with recommendations (if applicable). A Letter of Transmittal is not required. The report will answer questions relating to the Fedex Corporation: Structural Transformation through E-Business case study on page 647 of the text. You are to place yourselves in the position of a strategic planning team required by your management to answer the following questions about Fedex:

 Describe the context of Fedex s strategy between 1973 and 2000. What were the circumstances that Fedex encountered?
 Elaborate on Fedex s strategy content between 1973 and 2000, what were the main characteristics?
 Explain Fedex s strategy process between 1973 and 2000. How did Fedex s strategy come about?
 Identify the main strategy issues for Fedex in 2000? Why are these present?
 Critically assess what strategy perspective(s) Fedex have on each of these issues? Did these perspectives change over time?
 Any additional interpretation of what happened at Fedex in 2000, any recommendations, conclusions arising from your investigation?

You are required to research the company and the relevant literature and cite no less than 18 additional sources to aid your discussion. Acceptable credible sources include industry based, critical print media and theoretical publications. Additional information is given on the marking guide.”

It is necessary to use the uploaded sources (Case Study + de Wit chapters 5 to 7) amongst at least four (5) other sources. You need to pay attention to uploaded Marking Guide and to the Report Writing Guide as much as it is possible, since you are only writing one part of this report.

The Examiner attaches great importance to the difference of analysing and describing. Please focus on analysing and applying the theory (the paradoxes of the three chapters) to the case study rather than just describing (see the 6th uploaded file).

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope for a good co-operation.

Best regards
Christian Schmock