Ase Study: Fight at the Investment club

Case Study instructions and format
1.) Responsible for preparing a 500-word, individually-written paper (about the same as 1 page single spaced, 12-pt. font, 1-inch margins all around, pages), not including references. Eliminate any fluff a€ The focus must be on the main points, ground arguments in theory, and buttress your remarks with current literature from Organizational Behavior Fred Luthans, 11th edition
2.) Need Sub headings:
a€? Description
a€? Diagnosis
a€? Theory
a€? Prescription
a€? Fallout
1. DESCRIPTION. The first section in the case is the Description. only those facts relevant to the problem should be repeated. It should be very short -just a couple of sentences. Only facts, no opinions.
2. DIAGNOSIS. determine the cause of the problem. It is very common for students to deal with Symptomsrather than the root problem.
3. *** THEORY *** In the course of determining the cause of the problem or its solution, we need to use organizational theories and concepts to help inform our analysis. This is the most critical part of the paper
4. PRESCRIPTION: Based on what you determined caused the problem, you must now recommend a solution. This should entail both short term and long term prescriptions.
5. FALLOUT: Even if your recommendations are followed to the letter, there are still things that could go wrong. What are they?
* KEY POINT * Buttress your remarks with current literature. Your presentation should be informed by related articles in scholarly journals (i.e., peer-reviewed) or the popular press that are related to the description, diagnosis or prescription of your case problem. These articles should be referenced in your paper according to APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines and incorporated into your presentation (see the External Links area and your syllabus for access to APA resources). Do not use sources without known authors. Do not use Wikipedia for anything, other than jump-starting your ideas. It is basically an audience-written dictionary and has no real credibility within the academic community -anybody can write anything in it without verification.