Ase study for Human health & behaviours

Compile a case study of a client you have encountered on your clinical practicum. Reflect your understanding of the theory related to the topic areas. The theory will be used to explain & analyse the behaviors, thoughts & perceptions of your client.
Must include introduction & conclusion of the topic areas outlined ( i will pass all relevant information to you if the price is within my means)

I have already gathered info of a client that i have cared for & interviewed her so i have done all the ground work but i need someone from the area of nursing to put it together in an academic way adding or taking away to make it right
Harvard with consistent up to date referencing (no more than 5yrs old) to support & reflect all ideas, factual info & quotations. for web-sites please give address & date. The theorys are based on a book called, Human Health & Behaviour. I will send you the authers name as a follow up. I have put down 10 ref. but i need to double check on that