Ase Study, Formal Report, business plans and analyzing two careers

Formal Report Instruction

Analyze two careers, and then write a formal analytical report effectively presenting a recommendation to pursue one of the careers. This project has two parts:

a? Part one, the Table of Contents and Introductory Section.
a? Part two, the report in its entirety.
Careers are:

a? Psychatrists
a? Psychologist

Formal Report Topic
This Formal Report is based on Case Number 4, Chapter 15 on pages 466-67: Reconciling the experts: Resolving the advice on writing business plans.

Instructions from Pages 466-467 of Case # 4:

4. Reconciling the experts: Resolving the advice on writing business plans. Like any other endeavor, that combines hardnosed factual analysis and creative freethinking, the task of writing business plans generates a range of opinions.

Your task: Find at least six sources of advice on writing successful business plans (focus on start-up businesses that are likely to seek outside investors). Use at least two books, two magazine or journal articles, and two websites or blogs. Analyze the advice you find and identify points where most or all the experts agree and points where they donat agree. Wherever you find points of significant disagreement, identify which opinion you find most convincing and explain why. Summarize your findings in a brief formal report.

Hereas the situation: Read and follow the directions on pages 466-67 in chapter 15. Your report should include the following:
a? Information as noted and asked for in the case. Research from at least six credible sources to inform the your audience and to support the recommendation(s)
a? APA citations for all researched information (in-text parenthetical citations and a reference list at the end of the report)
a? Formal report formatting
You will need to conduct outside research and cite your sources using APA citations. Conclude the formal report by making recommendations to your audience. Your report MUST be formatted as a formal report.

Part One Table of Contents and Introduction
Write your formal reportas table of contents and introduction, using formal formatting. To complete this assignment, you will need to have a good plan in place for your formal report. I encourage you to use the three-step process.

Part one of your Formal Report should include the following:

a? A table of contents using formal report formatting.
a? The table of contents should include firstand second-level headings, like the example on page 437 in chapter 15.
a? Include an introductory section featuring the following four parts (see page 439 in chapter 15 for an example.
o Introduction
o Purpose, Scope, and Limitations
o Sources and Methods
o Report Organization
a? Identify at least six credible sources you will use in your proposal in the a?Sources and Methodsa? section.
a? Use formal report formatting.
a? Be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Part Two Formal Report in Full
Complete the formal report.
Your Formal Report should contain the following:
a? Be formatted as a formal report, following the guidelines formal reports in the text (including the guidelines for headings and subheadings found on pages 435-448);
a? Include appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts (The formal report should contain appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts, including the following:
i § A cover and/or title page
i § A letter of transmitta
i § A table of contents
i § The four-part Introductory Section from part one
i § Appropriately labeled body sections
i § Appendices, such as the client interview and list of references.
a? Fully answer the question posed in the case from the text, considering all of the background information provided and fulfilling the purpose outlined in the case. The word count for the intro, body, and conclusion should be 1250-1750 words);
a? Use at least six credible researched sources appropriately and effectively;
a? Include proper documentation using APA style (both in-text and end-of-text citations and
a? Be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
Note: Visual aids are entirely appropriate for this kind of report. If you decide to use visual aids, be certain to adhere to the standards we have studied previously in this course.