Ase Study: Goodbye, Indiana Hello, Mexico: The Whirlpool Plant Closing

Please read the attached case study (PDF file) labeled Case_30_Goodbye_Indiana_Hello_Mexico_The_Whirlpool_Plant_Closing and answer the 6 (Six) questions that follow the case study reading on pages 695-696. Please just number each question answered(1-6)on the case study paper *DO NOT REWRITE THE QUESTIONS ON THE DOCUMENT* Here are the 6 (Six) questions that follow (for your reference):

1. Was the Whirlpool plant closing just another i??business decision,i?? or did it carry with it social and ethical responsibilities and implications? Explain.

2. What are the legal and ethical responsibilities of Whirlpool in a plantclosing case such as the one in Evansville, Indiana?

3. In light of the federal stimulus funds that Whirlpool received, did it have a greater responsibility to make the Evansville plant sustainable? Or, were the funds received totally unrelated to the plant-closing decision?

4. Was the Whirlpool division vice presidenti??s memo threatening future job opportunities an ethical practice? Was it an unfair labor practice? Explain.

5. What about the plant closingi??s impact on the community and related stakeholders? Did the company have any responsibility to work with the community in this decision? What should it have done and how should it have done it?

6. Should there be legislation preventing American firms from closing down and moving to less expensive parts of the world? Should NAFTA be repealed?

Please answer each question completely based on business legal, ethical, and stakeholder management! Use APA 6th Edition format. Please also use the correct U.S. English language, grammar, and spelling when answering each question

TEXTBOOK: Business & Society : Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management. Archie B. Carroll / Ann K. Buchholtz 8th Edition / South-Western Cengage Learning

For you reference, I am including a link to the entire textbook (previous version). This link is for the 7th Edition, but it is similar to the above 8th Edition in regards to the chapter contents.


Thank You!