Ase Study I COnsent, Safety, and Firefighter Culture

Please answer these two questions, and then do Case Study I. Thank you.

Question 1

What does Deetz mean by the �corporate colonization of the life world�? (Eisenberg and Goodall, 2007, p. 184). What implications does this hold for you in your organization or one in which you have recent ties?

Question 2

Critical theorists claim that in order to discover the deep structures of power in the organization, an individual must look at the influences of the economy, politics, and social systems as forces that shape the organizational culture. Why is this important and what modes of thinking should be adopted by the critical researcher?

Case Study I

Apply your critical thinking and problem solving skills to Case Study I on page 193 in Chapter Six. Analyze this case by arguing your perspective well, providing a secondary source to support your assertions and providing any experiences you may have in relationship to this case. Follow the Case Study Guidelines for submitting this project.

Case Studies Guidelines

1. Give a brief paraphrased summary of the background of the case.
2. Clearly state the communication problems of the case study.
3. Analyze the problem including:
” What or who has caused the breakdown of communication and what are the effects? (Target the problem.)
” What is the organization�s communication style and has it contributed to the problem?
” What system or systems need improvement?
” Why does the communication problem exist? (This is basically a cause/effect argument.)
” Use TEXT sources (and/or outside sources) as support for your analysis. These should be inserted wherever applicable, in proper APA form.
” Can you use a personal experience that applies to the problems of this case to demonstrate your understanding and application of course information?
4. Present solutions to the communication problems. You should consider the following elements:
” What steps need to be taken to improve communication in this organization?
” How can you fit these steps into the present organizational structure, or what incremental steps need to be initiated? Do rules and regulations need to be changed, enforced, or modified?
” How should the organization begin the implementation of your recommendations?
” Detail how your suggestions would have clarified/eliminated the current situation if they had been in place.
” What training of managers/employees is needed?
” What processes need to be in place to change current attitudes and practices?

Your case studies should use proper English and correct documentation. You demonstrate understanding of the course material when you use the course language and concepts to explain the communication problems, and when you quote applicable sources. Your solutions should include suggestion for improvement of the communication problems you have noted, as well as steps for implementing your ideas. Details and specifics are important.
The nature of case studies is to demonstrate your ability to determine the problems, to use your knowledge to analyze those issues, and to devise strategies to solve the problems.
Format for your case study:

” Case study title
” Case summary
” Communication problem
” Analysis
” Solutions
” Resource page (Document sources in APA style)