Ase Study: IKEA Furniture Retailer to the World

Case Study: IKEA Furniture Retailer to the World

Answer the 5 questions at the end of the case along with the following question:

6. Will IKEA be able to enter China effectively? Should they pursue a joint-venture partner why or why not? What other countries should IKEA consider entering to achieve growth? What about supply issues in China will IKEA be able to have efficient supply chain partners?

You are to write an 8 page case analysis answering these questions while also incorporating the important concepts learned this semester.

Consider the following:

1. Political, economic and legal systems.

2. Issues related to markets including whether or not a market exists for IKEA products, recommended market entry mode, distribution strategy and pricing strategy.

3. Production issues in China versus other countries.

4. Address factors such as shipping costs, local infrastructure, availability of labor and other resources, suggested organizational structure and localization requirements.

This paper should bring together the important concepts you have learned this semester. This is a case analysis and should read like one use relevant headings throughout the paper to guide the reader! I want you to apply the course material to IKEA and answer the questions making sure you analyze how they are doing, not just tell me about it what can they do to improve? While the case gives a lot of good information that you need to use in your analysis, you also need to research this topic to learn more about IKEA and their entry into foreign markets.

Paper Requirements:

Detailed paper APA or MLA style
Microsoft Word
Minimum 8 pages double spaced, 12 point font
References cited no Wikipedia sources and at least 3 non-internet sources
Attach title page with name listed