Ase Study Implementing Order When Hospital is in Disarray

MUST:Use theories from the Dunn & Haimanns Healthcare Management 9th Ed and other sources.This should be impressive and informative that will gain you the trust and confidence of your new boss that you have the planning, personnel, financial, budgeting, and managerial skills to be successful and progress in the organization. You will need to develop a tactical plan and execution plan for the immediate response and a Strategic Plan to turn the organization around. Think Product, process, metrics, and outcome.

CASE: You are a new healthcare administrator having just graduated with a bacheloras degree in HSA. Your first job is the director of a 250 bed nursing facility located in Orlando, Fl. You are really excited about your first job as a healthcare administrator and show up early on your first day. When you arrive you find the facility in complete disarray, phones are ringing, patients call buttons are going unanswered, and trash cans are overflowing. You find very few of the night shift employees are still there, those employees still in the building appear to be napping on the job.

After you help answer the phones and direct clinical staff to assist patients, you finally make it into your office where you realize that the issues do not stop on the patient care floor! Bills are unpaid, accreditation requirements are unmet, and several notices from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are lying unopened on the desk. It is obvious that you have just walked into a disaster area.

Just then your phone rings and on the other end of the line your boss sounds very angry. She explains that she just got a report on your facility and you are over budget, your vacancy rates are up, several employees have complained about the facility and one even suggested that she is being sexually harassed by her supervisor, in a nut shell your facility is falling apart at the seams. You try to explain that you just got to the job but she doesnat want to hear it, instead she wants to meet with you in 1 week to hear how you are going to fix this and what progress you have made in a weekas time.

What are you going to do? Make sure that you include your immediate response (what you have done during the week), your short term plans and your long term goals. Prepare the report that you will present to your boss in a week that walks her through the steps you have already taken and that you will take in the short run and long run to bring this facility back to life. Be creative about your facility and the issues that you are confronting.