Ase Study in B2B Marketing Triangle Creative Ltd (my reference: htm)

Note: This is a case study, for which you will be receiving many orders this term, including from myself. As it is humanely impossible for the same writer to work on the same case study without either the work looking similar or quality being affected, please MAKE SURE TO ASSIGN THIS TO A WRITER THAT WILL ONLY DO THIS CASE STUDY ONCE THIS SEMESTER. If the works are similar, either the ones I request, or other students at the same university request, they will all be rejected.


This is a Case Study in Business to Business Marketing. Details of a company called Triangle Creative Ltd (TCL) are given in the attached document Case Study Details”, and questions are then asked.

The work format is a REPORT to be addressed to the directors of TCL, not a classic academic assignment, as explained in the attached document Assignment Structure and Instructions”

The writer is kindly request to carefully go through the attached documents before starting to write anything.

1. Intended Learning Outcomes.
2. Assessment Criteria
3. Case Study Details
4. Assignment Structure and Instructions

I will review the work to make sure all the questions are answered, and in the correct REPORT format, before I pass it on to the student, so to avoid any revision requests, please follow the guidelines.