Ase Study in Systems and Operations Management Otakowa (my reference: bdr)

This is a CASE STUDY for which I am sure you will be receiving many orders this term, from myself on behalf of different students, and directly from other students at the same university. As it is not humanely possible for the same writer to work on the same case study more than once without the resulting work either looking similar or quality being affected, please make sure that this order is assigned to a writer who will only work on this case study ONCE. If the work is similar to other students at the same university, they will all be rejected and returned for a refund, which we can simply avoid by assigning to different writers.

Assignment Details:

Dear writer,

Below is your mission.

This is a CASE STUDY in Systems and Operations Management, based on a fictional company called Otakowa, described at length in the attached document Module Guide”. The work needs to be represented as a REPORT that applies theory to the situation of Otakowa, and NOT as a classical academic assignment with only theory from textbooks paraphrased to fill 3000 words.

I have gone through this case study for other students, and it is time consuming. Before you start writing, you really need to read the attached documents, familiarise yourself with Otakowa, analyse and come with with REAL sound recommendations that relate to Otakowa. This assignment is sort of a challenge to any writer, so in addition to the rewarding feeling you will have when you complete the work successfully, I will send a little bonus via if Im really pleased with the work, and I will also send other case studies in B2B Marketing for example to your writer ID.

Once the work is completed, I will review it before passing it to the student, to make sure it meets the requirements. If you follow the guidelines, we will hopefully avoid needing revision requests.

The documents attached are:

1. Report Formatting”. IMPORTANT
2. Assignment Focus”. MUST READ
3. Module Guide”. This includes:
Section 3. Learning Outcomes.
Section 5. Assessment Details & Case Study Details. Pay attention to Page 7 which shows how the Learning Outcomes are assessed for the grading. The case study details run from page 8 to 16.
Section 8. Recommended books and journals.

Good luck, and if you have any questions fell free to message me.