Ase Study Managing Communication & Risks

Using the situation below, write a 2-3 page paper detailing;

a?How you would minimize a clients concerns over scope, hope, and effort create.
a?Discuss how a proper communication plan and matrix could minimize client concerns and potential project risks.
Situation 1:
XYZ, Inc. hopes to launch a new project to bring new technology into their accounting division. However, they are anxious their previous project experience was unpleasant, expensive, and time consuming. Although the client was involved in every aspect of the previous project, changes to the project plan continued to happen without client notification or approval. As a result, the project turned into a budget nightmare. Before the clients will green light the accounting project, they need to see a plan that will allow them to participate early in the discussion of problems that arise during the life of the project. The plan must also detail steps finding and minimizing the negative impacts to the projects timeline and budget.