Ase Study: MasTec Advanced Technologies

Compensation and workplace safety are two important features about which all organizations are concerned. This week, you obtained insight into legal issues associated with direct and indirect compensation and those related to providing a safe workplace.

This Group Case Study intends to improve your understanding of compensation and workplace safety issues by considering some interesting real-life cases.

The format of the formal written report should follow APA style and be double-spaced with at least four properly cited sources of information (both outside sources and articles from the text). A good report will have a properly formatted title page, abstract, body of the paper with introduction and purpose statements, and a reference page.

Answer Case questions # 1, #4 and #5 as attached

Required referenc is the text:
Walsh, D. J. (2013). Employment law for human resource practice (4th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.