Ase Study: McDonalds: The Coffee Spill Heard Round the World

attached case study (PDF file) labeled Case_23_McDonaldi??s:The_Coffee_Spill_Heard_Round_the_World and answer the 7 (Seven) questions that follow the case study reading on page 679. Please just number each question answered(1-7)on the case study paper *DO NOT REWRITE THE QUESTIONS ON THE DOCUMENT* Here are the 7 (Seven) questions that follow (for your reference):

1. What are the major issues in the Liebeck case and in the following incidents? Was the lawsuit i??frivolousi?? as some people thought, or serious business?

2. What are McDonaldi??s social (economic, legal, and ethical) responsibilities toward consumers in the Liebeck case and the other cases? What are consumers responsibilities when they buy a product such as hot coffee or hot hamburgers? How does a company give consumers what they want and yet protect them at the same time?

3. What are the arguments supporting McDonaldi??s position in the Liebeck case? What are the arguments supporting Liebecki??s position?

4. If you had been a juror in the Liebeck case, which position would you most likely have supported? Why? What if you had been a juror in the pickle burn case?

5. What are the similarities and differences between the coffee burn case and the pickle burn case? Does one represent a more serious threat to consumer harm? What should McDonalds, and other fast food restaurants, do about hot food, such as hamburgers, when consumers are injured?

6. What is your assessment of the i??Stella Awards?i?? Is this making light of a serious problem?

7. What are the implications of these cases for future product-related lawsuits? Do we now live in a society where businesses are responsible for customersi?? accidents or carelessness in using products? We live in a society that is growing older. Does this fact place a special responsibility on merchants who sell products to senior citizens?

Please answer each question completely based on business legal, ethical, and stakeholder management! Use APA 6th Edition format. Please also use the correct U.S. English language, grammar, and spelling when answering each question

TEXTBOOK: Business & Society : Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management. Archie B. Carroll / Ann K. Buchholtz 8th Edition / South-Western Cengage Learning

For your reference, I am including a link to the entire textbook (previous version). This link is for the 7th Edition, but it is similar to the above 8th Edition in regards to the chapter contents.


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Case Study # 23: McDonald s: The Coffee Spill Heard  Round the World