Ase study: Memo and Executive summarymarketing decision making

This is a final case for my final grade. This case is a realistic case, so please if youre familiar with marketing and decision making you are the right person to take this. I need to get a proffrsionl work paper for this one, I will add 10% as bonus if I get good mark on this. I provide everything, the professor memo and executive summary instructions ( 2 attachments), also, I have attach the professor example of the memo and executive summary, as well as I submitted my first memo and executive summary that I have done for the same course. please follow all the instructionsIf you need any thing else just msg me, for the case I think about the decision of making magazine advertaisment is the best choice! but ill wait to hear your feedback. one more thing is important, if you need to add more pages ( which is must for appendix, calculation or any financial plans ) feel free and ill cover any cost