Ase Study: Nutrition for Niger a Plumpyanut / Issues Bibliography Paper

Final Project / Phase 1: Issues Bibliography
Case Study: Nutrition for Niger a Plumpyanut

Phase I: Issues/Bibliography Paper

The Issues/Bibliography paper is merely a preliminary step for the Case Study/Final Memorandum to help students accurately identified five (5) specific ethical issues and have at least Eight (8) substantive, academic resources; to be used in your final memorandum, EXCLUDING the sources stated in this instruction. Please submit the Issues/Bibliography paper to the assignment folder.

Preparation Steps for Issues/Bibliography Paper
1. View Video: Nutrition for Niger a Plumpyanut 10:58 min, 60 Minutes segment by Anderson Cooper a-life-saver-called-plumpynut/

4. Read article: The Purpose of Patents final memorandum. In addition to these EIGHT (8) resources gleaned from your research, you may also use any resources from class materials;