Ase Study of 2 Corporate Logos and their change in Design over the years.

Write 2 case studies of the following corporate logos (Quaker, Visa) and the changes in their design over the years.

A brief history as to how the first design of each logo came about, including who was its original designer and the inspiration behind the design, should be researched on and written in the paper.

The contents of the paper should be primarily focused on the SYMBOLIC MEANING (lines, colour, shape) of each of the logoas different designs, and the contributing FACTORS that caused the company to change its logo in certain periods (whether it was related to changing brand values or current design trends at that time).

An estimation of one page should be written to cover one logoas background and design meaning.

Writer may refer to the provided links for information and images:

(1) Visa Logo history and design:


Research into the given 3 logos.

(2) Quaker Logo history and design:


Research into the given 6 logos.

*Citations for this paper need to be included clearly!

Look forward to hearing from a writer.