Ase Study of an Emerging Adult who is a member of the Millennial Generation

Case Study Assignment:
Case Study of an Emerging Adult who is a member of the Millennial Generation

The goal of this assignment is to examine, in the context of a small piece of research, the identity and worldview beliefs of an emerging adult who is also a member of the Millennial Generation a a generation hypothesized to be a unique one in terms of a a?political and cultural re-alignmenta? of American society.

In this assignment, we want you to explore in depth how one emerging adult describes his or her identity and worldview beliefs, and whether or not such identity and worldview beliefs confirm the hypothesis that members of the Millennial Generation share certain values and ideas that mark them as similar to members of their own generation, but rather different from previous generations. The idea is for you to apply your book knowledge to a real world person!

The final product should be an 8-15 page, typed, APA-style, double-spaced paper based on survey and interview data you will collect, analyze and interpret in the light of course readings.

You will need to identify someone you know who is close to you and would be willing to discuss issues of their identity and worldview beliefs with you. You will be asked to analyze survey data, transcribe an interview you conduct, and interpret these data in relation to your hypotheses and key course readings.

You will then write up your case study in a fashion that includes data observations from your survey and interview, and principled and warranted interpretations of this data through the use of logic and the course readings.

Please use of APA style conventions for headings, references, and so on. Please see these sites for assistance:

There will be a chance for revision of these cases so you can benefit from our feedback before handing in your final case study.

To begin, you will need to (a) select a participant to whom you promise privacy; (b) conduct and analyze a survey; (c) conduct, record, transcribe and analyze an interview with this person that is no more than 1 hour; (d) analyze your data using techniques discussed in class; and (e) write up the case study in a scientific manner.

You must extend the person you choose to interview the right of confidentiality a which means after the interview you do not bring up what you talked about with that person unless they bring it up with you, and that you do not disclose their name or comments to anyone else. In order to protect the personas anonymity in the case study you will be writing, we ask that you use pseudonyms so no-one other than yourself knows who your case study person is.

A cycle of revision for this assignment is built into the syllabus. In this way, just as when a psychologist submits an article and gets a revise and resubmit, you will have an opportunity to use our feedback to improve your final paper. A general outline and rubric for scoring of the case study will be handed out in the next class. The case study is worth a total of 200 points.