Ase study of an organization that has experienced or is experiencing an ethical dilemma

Speculate about the type of leadership and ethical style that seems most appropriate for this organization.

Tell the story in a narrative form.

The first section of the case study (1-2) pages should include the information regarding the organization that will allow the reader to understand why the ethical dilemma exists. You may include: (1) historical information; (2) facts regarding the organization s purpose or what goods /services it produces; (3) the size of the organization in terms of employees, amount of annual sales etc.; (4) the circumstances that created the ethical dilemma, what has been going on to create the situation, who is involved, what caused the situation, etc.; and (5) any other relevant information.

Second section should be an analysis of the case using the ethical decision making model (2-3) pages (I will send you a list of the theories to be used in the paper). You may use a bulleted format to organize the information under each step. For instance, under  relevant facts list the related information using a bullet or number. Please limit your alternatives to 1-2 alternatives; otherwise you will be bogged down with alternatives and the analysis that go with them.

This final project paper is to be in APA style and 5-7 pages in length (body).

Each written paper will be evaluated according to the following categories:

1. Clear description of the assignment focus and application details
2. Citing theories, authors and models to substantiate your response(s) (i.e., Immanuel kant, John Stuart Mill, Aristotle Socrates, Plato, etc.)
3. Correct use of grammar and vocabulary
4. Quality of syntax and style
5. This professor does not accept any Fluff or fillerin his papers.