Ase study of Civil War and Violent Conflicts

Do a Case study. You should try to find sources to fit each of the categories (e.g., 1 book, 5 journal articles, 1 NGO article, 1 government article) and evaluate them. I would also want you to look for articles that give you some different perspectives on the answer to your research question different authors will have different answers. Question: What are the most recognizable causes of War and Violent Conflicts? Can some of these conflicts be resolved by the intervention of global bodies like The United Nations?
The assignment consists of four sections:
Current position on the issue
Reflection on the research process.
Section 1: Describe the issue you researched, including a discussion of three or more differing points of view on the issue. Your discussion must reference reputable sources to support each of these perspectives. In other words, dont simply say Some people think x.Instead, quote and paraphrase from sources that illustrate that fact. End this section with a paragraph that discusses the relationship between the topic youve been researching all session and your growing understanding of the concept of global citizenship. Support your claims about global citizenship with evidence from our text.

Section 2: Focuses on your current position on the issue. It begins with a thesis statement, which explicitly answers the research question you developed at the beginning of the term. As such, your thesis will be a claim about which reasonable people will disagree. Your job is to support your position on the issue with evidence. As such, your thesis should be followed by a 200-250 word (at least) description of your reasons for holding this position. Refer to at least three reputable sources and cite them appropriately in a bibliography using the Turabian style.

Section 4: Reflect upon the research process youve gone through in this class, addressing questions such as:
What obstacles did you encounter during the research process? How did you address them?
Which specific sources (e.g., describe a particular scholarly journal article) and access tools (e.g., talk about a specific database) did you find the most/least helpful and why?
What questions/issues/problems do you still have regarding conducting academic research?
What relationship do you see between information literacy, lifelong learning, and global citizenship (make sure to clearly define your terms!)?

Please no footnotes!!!!! Parenthesis style references only.