Ase Study Of Online Principles of Biology Students Achievement, Attitude and Course Completion In Community College Non-major Biology Program

The following are the comments are for the corrections that are need for the attached document. The attached document also has comments attached to those specific areas. I have 20 pages purchased for these corrections:

” You have good resources for the information in Ch 1, but your introduction needs some work. You seem to have included your information in a way that doesnt separate out key ideas. One section, for example, had a sentence or two on online science education followed by a sentence or two on the need for assessment and accountability, followed by a few sentences on the importance of lab work. I think those are probably all important considerations for your work and you need to separate out each of these key points and flesh them out before moving on to the next one. The section on the difference between science literacy and science learning needs that same treatment.

” You talk about mixed methodology in both Chapters 1 and 3 without giving us any indication about why you believe your study needs to use this approach to research. This will have to be clarified before you go any further.

” I have some problems with your research questions. Specifically these things: what do you mean by extent? How do you define this and how do you plan to document or measure this? What will your baseline be? I dont find any explanation of this in either Chapter 1 or Chapter 3. Secondly, in question 3 what do you mean by the word impact? Again, how will you define impact, how will you document or measure it? It is not clear in either chapter either. For both extent and impact youll not only need definitions, but youll need baseline data so that you can show change. What will that baseline data be? What will indicate significant change?

” Your lit review needs lots of work. First of all, where is the review of research on learning science online? You refer to it in Chapter 1 but I couldnt find it in Chapter 2. Secondly, I dont understand your section headings and what topics they are talking about. I think some things you talk about appear to be subsections of previous sections, but Im not sure. In any case, you need to expand many areas youve included and focus on using the most current research you can find for each area you include. I think you also need to add more about the role of science instruction at the community college level, what kinds of students attend community colleges, and who teaches science at the community college level. That would give you a great foundation to talk about your results down the line.

” Your Chaper 3 needs to be expanded and reorganized. First of all, you need to indicate exactly what youll be doing that makes your study a mixed methods study. Then you can talk about what mixed methods do and how this will be used in your work. You have a sentence or two about reliability and validity near the end of your chapter, but you need to move this up to follow your discussion of methods, and you have to expand it to show us you understand how reliability and validity will be dealt with in your work.

” A timeline of the order that you will collect data should be included in Chapter 3.

” Each data gathering method needs its own section. You need to address how each of the data collection methods applies to your research questions.

Thank You.