Ase study of Tata Cross Culture Marketing analysis

Consider case study: Tata Nano International market selection with the worldas cheapest car (pages 286-291) of Hollensen book (2011) (core text) and answer all four questions.

Learning outcomes
Students will achieve the following learning outcomes for this assessment
a) Ability demonstrate their knowledge of utilizing theory to critique
b) Ability to evaluate these theoretical frameworks in the context of the case study
c) Demonstrate ability to evaluate the key strategies in international marketing

Report must be word-processed in font size 12 and double-line spaced.
Copy of the a?written report assessment criteriaa? must be submitted with your re-port.
Depending on the type of the individual coursework, use the specified word count for that particular coursework.
Evidence of reading is important and therefore sources (Reference) must be cor-rectly cited and fully referenced.
Introduction and Conclusion must available
Over 15 References must be available and provided as Harvard format

Referencing Requirements: