ASE STUDY of the Horseshoe Crab Red knot/Shorebird Issue

Assignment 2 is a CASE STUDY of the Horseshoe Crab Red knot/Shorebird Issue. This is a complex issue and entails several aspects related to this weeks readings on valuing biodiversity and the economics of conservation biology.

Readings for this assignment will be attached.

You are expected to conduct further research on this issue/controversy and prepare a 3-5 page analysis of the issues as they relate to conservation biology.

Be sure to answer the following questions:
1) What is it about this interrelationship between the horseshoe crab and the red knot (and other shorebirds) that has put these species in jeopardy?
2) Why is their preservation important?
3) What actions should be taken to preserve them and why?

A final paragraph that summarizes what you learned and why this issue is important is required.

Remember to cite your work properly and to use scientific facts and data to support your work. (5 minimum cited sources, 3 of which are published journal articles.)

redknot website link;

Use as many sources as needed.