Ase Study on Aldi Supermarket Stores in Australia.

The organisation set for this semester is Aldi Stores, Australia.
All students will do this assignment on Aldi Stores, Australia. Aldis have expanded rapidly throughout Australia since opening a few stores in the late 1990s. In recent years they have changed their initiallow key marketing approach as they have grown into a greater competitive threat to the main food retailers, Coles and Woolworths. There are, however, still significant differences between Aldi and their competitors.
As post-graduate students you are required to undertake research and analysis of this organization with reference to Marketing Management theory. Your assignment should be much more than description or opinion it should show evidence of research with clear reference to marketing management theory as covered in lectures and your textbook and, for high achieving students, further reading. All research and application of theory should be supported with in-text reference using APA.
Begin your research by visiting Aldi web site: marketing environment opportunities or threats. Provide a justification of what makes these macro trends more important than the others. Support your discussion of the trends with reference to appropriate secondary sources, using in-text referencing.

This section should be set out under the following headings:

2. Marketing Environment Analysis Macro Trends (250 300 words)

2.1 Macro Trend One

2.2 Macro Trend Two

The third section of the assignment deals with a critique of the current marketing approach of Aldis. The first step is to outline their current approach as precisely as you can note the word limit! and provide examples further details and exhibits of these may be included in the appendix of your assignment. This step needs to provide a precise picture of each element of the marketing mix, e.g. the current message strategy approach and the channels selected to communicate this message to consumers. The second step in this section is to provide an evaluation of the current approach and justify this against specific marketing management theory. A good starting point for theories is the lecture slides and the textbook and also journal articles for those wishing to excel. Remember, as a real world marketing executive would, to provide support for your decisions and make a convincing argument as to what aspects of the approach are effective and which elements are in need of adjustment. Again, note the word limit. You need to be precise so do not just generalize or offer unsupported opinion.

This section should be set out under the following headings:

3. Marketing Mix Evaluation and Critique (500 600 words)

3.1 Overview of Current Marketing Approach

3.2 Evaluation of Effectiveness

I suggest this part could done efficiently in table form as follows:

Current Approach Evaluation







Remember to use in text references to support each part of your outline and evaluation

The fourth section of the assignment builds on the preceding sections to develop an approach to improve the various aspects of Aldis marketing mix. This approach will be developed utilising the seven Ps approach of product, physical evidence, processes, and people, price, place, and promotion,. More information on the marketing mix can be found in textbook chapter two, specifically page 75 onwards. In this section it is critical to provide improvements to the current approach and detail how these adjustments can better enable the company to enhance relationships with customers (and potential customers). As with the preceding section it is important to provide support from marketing theory, such as those discussed in the text at a minimum, as well as considering how actionable and realistic your suggestions are for the organisation. References in this section should include academic, trade publications, and news publications.

Outline your redesigned marketing mix under the following headings:

4. Marketing Mix Redesign (500 600 words)

4.1 Product

4.2 Price

4.3 Place

4.4 Promotion

4.5 Physical Evidence

4.6 Processes

4.7 People

Assignment: Implementing Recommendations

The final section of this report is like an action plan where you decide on the most important and timely actions required for Aldis considering costs and savings, risk and return, etc. As businesses run on a finite amount of resources it is important to be able to prioritise options. In this section select what you consider are your three most significant recommendations, supported with marketing theory, noting specific actions and estimated cost. It is important here not to introduce information not previously indicated in earlier sections, notably in the redesign section. This final section should be a filtering down of the ideas covered in your analysis of the macro and micro environmental factors, and your discussion of recommendations across the seven Ps

This section should be set out under the following headings:

5. Recommendations (250 300 words)

5.1 Recommendation One

5.2 Recommendation Two

5.3 Recommendation Three

Assignment Checklist

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