Ase study on business strategy in the Australian solar energy industry

Task Details: Following your analysis of the Australian solar energy industry, you are now tasked to conduct an analysis of CBD Energyas internal resources and capabilities.
Using relevant analytical frameworks, how can CBD Energy leverage its resources and capabilities to develop a competitive advantage? Does the company have any core competencies?
Based on the external environment and internal analyses, what are three (3) major strategic issues the company is facing?
Excluding tables, figures and references, your report should be no longer than 1,500 words.

Please follow the structure below:

1. Introduction
Brief overview of the scope of the assessment

2. Analysis of the firms internal resources and/or capabilities
Analysis of the internal environment incl. key resources / capabilities that could support competitive advantage.
This part should include:
- A clear identification of competitive advantage, analysis of resources (tangibles and intangibles), capabilities and core competencies for CBD solar energy.
- Analytical frameworks: Value Chain analysis, Activity system analysis.
- Identification of implications: Strengths and weaknesses a For all these please see the guideline file that uploaded by me, from page 10 to 24

3. Identification of major strategic issues facing the company
Identification of three (3) major strategic issues facing the company based on external and internal analyses.

Please include the SWOT analysis table in the appendix.