Ase Study on Development Approval Processes

Individual Case Study on Development Approval Processes.

(1) Choose a recent development project that has been subject to an impact assessment process in Australia or overseas.

(2) Describe
a. The project itself including its purpose and the social and/or economic benefits expected to be gained.
b. Any environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes that have applied to the project under government regulation (at either State or National levels).

(3) Discuss one or more of the following aspects of the project in detail:
a. Did the EIA processes reflect best practice?
b. Did the EIA processes improve environmental outcomes of the project?
c. Did the EIA processes impose unreasonable delay or financial burden to the project?
d. Would the proponent have benefited from carrying out a rigorous EIA in any event (ie. if not mandated by government)?
e. If the project took place in Australia and it involved a matter of national environmental significance, would the outcome have been significantly different if there was an a?approval bilaterala agreement in place (which allowed assessment and approval solely by a State government)?*

a? Approval bilaterals are proposed following the COAG Communique 13 April 2012 (Business Advisory Forum re fast track proposal) a available at news/2013-09-25/governments-sign-deal-to-fast-track-approvals/4980008