Ase study on Globalisation of software development

The essay is based on a case study that will be attached which is (Crafting and executing an offshore IT sourcing strategy: GlobShops experience)
The Module of this coursework is called :Case studies in digital transformation. So the essay must be based particularly on the case study attached as well as readings that I will attach and other external readings. Its very important to have a good structure and for the ideas to be presented clearly. The Case study is on the Globalization of software development. The case pack MUST be understood really well. The essay is 3000 words and it is worth alot therefore, i expect a really high quality essay. I will attach the assessment sheet to have an idea of the criteria. Moreover, It is very important to use the readings i will attach and external readings and answer the essay accordingly. The essay must be 100% Free plajrirism. Use readings to have strong arguments and as evidence. Please make sure you Focus on the essay question and make sure to answer the question.
The essay question i s

Using appropriate concepts from the outsourcing literature, critically evaluate GlobShopi??s management of outsourcing to date. What management action do you recommend? Provide a detailed rationale.