Ase Study on Marketing and Public Relation strategies for local movie theater

The objective of the assignment is to take the local theater (Carmike Cinemas in Lawton, OK) and come up with ways to increase positive public reception and marketing tactics that are inexpensive or free that will increase attendance and revenue for the theater.

a? Using examples from other theater chains or similar industries, what are things this theater in Lawton, OK can improve on?
a? What are some examples of social media that Carmike Cinemas can tap into?
a? What should be posted on social media venues to create buzz?
a? What are the target demographics of Lawton, OK and how does this affect the movie theater?
a? Come up with a plan using Assessment, Planning, Tools & Tactics and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan. In your plan include a calendar/timeline of events, media outreach, case studies relating to the plan, speaking opportunities or engagements and the optimization of social media.